Diving into

the world of well-being


Natural mud partial pack approx. 30 min. € 18.-

Hot air / heat therapy approx. 30 min. € 8.-


Dorn spinal therapy is used in cases of:
tensions, back pains in the area of the lumbar spine, of the sacrum, of the thoracic spine or of the cervical spine; blockages of the sacroiliac joint, radiating pains in the arms or legs, headaches, joint pains, pelvic obliquity, functional leg length inequality or simply to do something good for oneself.
Where there is misalignment, individual vertebrae of the spinal column, the pelvis and the sacrum are gently brought back into their original position. The Dorn-Breuss method is a gently efficacious, cooperative, low-risk therapy with few side effects which also trains one in personal responsibility and body-awareness. Please wear loose and comfortable clothing for the treatment.

60 min. € 67.-

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